Studying the C16 tape loader that started it all

A few days ago Massi cadenti sent me a few TAP files for C16 for my tests with DC2N.
The titles on these files use a quite interesting tape loader: This is the one loader that required significant change in MTap and to the TAP format (i.e. TAP version 2 as proposed by Markus Brenner) in order to support the so called “halfwaves”. Long story short, this clever loader does not use FSK but a simpler, yet faster, time based encoding.

I just disassembled it and looked at the titles using it: no doubt, this is a freezer’s tape loader – the equivalent of the C64 Action Replay’s superturbo but for C16!

About Luigi Di Fraia

I am a Senior DevOps Engineer so I get to work with the latest technologies and open-source software. However, in my private time I enjoy retro-computing.
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