TAPClean FE updated again

Release 20110921 is out now. Binaries available for Windows for now. User Manual also updated.

CBM File Restore preview not available in this revision.

TAPClean 0.27-pre-4 is included (improvements in Freeload and Ocean New 2 scanners, plus Visiload scanner now supports Narco Police).

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3 Responses to TAPClean FE updated again

  1. K.-L. from Germany says:

    Awesome.work! You are very fast.
    Tapclean FE, and the documentation of tape loaders helped me a lot.

    Perhaps you could put a download link in here (as the SourceForge release seems quite outdated)?

  2. luigidifraia says:

    Re TAPClean: there is a round of checks I would like to do and then it will be time for an official release, 0.27.
    Binaries will be available on Sourceforge.net for all of the supported architectures. These are all built and released by myself nowadays anyway.

  3. luigidifraia says:

    TAPClean 0.27 published on sourceforge.net

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