Nationwide: avoid like the plague

When I thought Halifax was bad I had no idea about how bad Nationwide is.

A few years back Nationwide refused to let me open a current account on 3 instances, claiming I had a short-lived credit history in UK.

Recently I saw their offer about savings and decided to give it another go. It appears that in order to get anything from them, you have to open a current account and the other services get attached to it. The current account with them also needs to be your “main” current account, i.e. have direct debits and standing orders assigned to it.

Fine, let’s go to the branch and open a FlexAccount with them then: that’s when all the trouble started.
During the application process they misspelt my lastname. OK, I missed the mistake when asked to confirm, however the rectification process was started immediately after the account was created and I thought we would have been on track shortly. Wrong!

Btw, the account itself came without any overdraft offer and no CC: far worse than what High Street banks have offered me so far and far worse than my “current” main account. They’d rather monitor me for a while before offering me things, they said. Not a big deal then.

First bank card and checkbook came with the wrong lastname on them: that was expected. No worries, a second, correct, set was on its way… Or was it not?
Called them to chase. Wow, a second checkbook came in with the right lastname on the first page (the address page) but hold on, what about each check itself? Still the wrong lastname…

I also received a mail saying I can’t register for online services as their record about my address does not match the information I gave them. What?!?

Following that I got a mail saying that they got a list of direct debits and standing orders from my other bank and that I should give them a ring to chose which ones to bring across. Fine, I called them and they said that there’s no choice that can be done: everything is pulled across automatically. The mail was sent by mistake.

It’s 2012 and still a building society cannot properly rectify a spelling mistake and send me the correct communication. I am better off with my existing account then and I have no confidence they can fix this mess.

So what to do? Undo everything and close the FlexAccount with these clown. Costed me time and money on the phone.

You know what Nationwide? I don’t want to do business with you: your track record is far below the standard of 50 years ago. It took me 4 attempts to do business with you, only get more problems than solutions…

As a follow up, Nationwide sent me an apologetic letter and offered me a compensation form to fill in and send back using the enclosed pre-paid envelope. Hm, wait, there’s no form or envelope enclosed. Just when you though they had hit the bottom, you discover Nationwide can do worse than itself.

About Luigi Di Fraia

I am a Senior DevOps Engineer so I get to work with the latest technologies and open-source software. However, in my private time I enjoy retro-computing.
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