Dinner break good for a preview release

So here it is. A preview version of the main Integrator 2012 application to browse through the data files written by the original C64 version of Integrator. I included these data files in PRG format, extracting them from the original TAP file with TAPClean. Multilevel files containing Integrator files load from $0600 to $53FF, part of which is not relevant, but I thought to include the files just as they were written by TAPClean: that saves me time 🙂

Integrator 2012 Main application by Luigi Di Fraia

Integrator 2012 Main application

It is a bit awkward how panels and locations work, but it should be simple to get the hang of it. This is how they work within the engine and as defined in the game, so that’s the way I am offering them to users.

Note: Colour overrides are not enabled as of now as I like to appreciate what has been done during the design stage. That’s the reason swamps are rendered in grey rather than brown, and so on: it is a wanted thing for now.

Windows users:

Linux users should try the Linux binaries.


Edit: binaries removed as an updated version was made available later on.

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