Finished boundary data integration

I decided that for the time being Integrator 2012 will support boundary data by letting users load the relevant information and by showing boundaries on each location.

Support for boundary data in Integrator 2012 by Luigi Di Fraia

Support for boundary data in Integrator 2012

Support for boundary data in Integrator 2012 by Luigi Di Fraia

Support for boundary data in Integrator 2012


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2 Responses to Finished boundary data integration

  1. Didi says:

    It looks like the story of LN goes on, ´cause you are revealing a bunch of game secrets day by day! 🙂

    I´d suggest to paint the boundary/eventtrigger-lines in a different color rather than white or any other of the C64´s well known 16 colors, to distinguish easily what belongs to the scenery, and what is a game control. If you insist in using white, you could also use a flashing color-scheme (white, grey1-3, black and back again), like you´re already using for highlighting single objects.

    Game data may be corrupted for the LN1-Integrator too, but we will see, what full-featured future releases are made of.

    Please integrate a short informational-line, to what locations (numbers) one location can lead, to differentiate between locations that were designed identical (useful for my maps ;-).

    I wish you good luck & fun in your marathon efforts! 🙂

    • luigidifraia says:

      Good points, Didi.

      I actually have free choice on colours used for lines and rectangles so I will indeed use a colour that is not part of the C64 palette, or maybe a XOR scheme. We shall see.

      As per connection between locations, the information will be available in Integrator 2012 at some point indeed.
      In the meantime, there doesn’t seem to be much ambiguity as even in those cases when two locations use the same panel (i.e. look identical, as the temple in Level 1), the location index suggests which one is connected to which others (as they are neighbours in the location table). I hope this helps!

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