Finished foreground integration too

Now Integrator 2012 supports foreground display for LN2 as well (it will soon be finished for LN too).

The only piece left to integrate is the display of “hot regions”, where pick-able/actionable objects are.

Before adding editing capabilities of boundary lines, foreground, and hot regions, I came to the conclusion that location/screen, boundary, foreground and hot region editing needs to be kept in sync at all times.

In order to do so I think I will change the program to load “project” files, i.e. a descriptor that ties together all the information so it can be kept in sync.

It would be nice to complete the unification of editing tasks under a single program before Easter, but we will see how it goes as I have to get back into some running before the next half marathon.

At the moment I was thinking of a sort of xml file as per example below:

  <name>LN2 - Level 1</name>
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