Integrator 2012 – Foreground save option ready for LN

I had a bit of time this weekend (today we got some snow again around here) so I finished the save functions of the foreground data for LN. One obvious thing I would like to work at next is avoiding duplication of information (e.g. the temple locations share the same data as they both point to it). This is rather simple and I might give it a stab later today or this week.

The curious thing is that the original foreground data contains some unused leftovers, so even with duplication in it, my saved file is smaller than the original 😀

Another curios thing is the following:

Foreground designation for the dragon's lair by Luigi Di Fraia

Foreground designation for the dragon’s lair

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2 Responses to Integrator 2012 – Foreground save option ready for LN

  1. Didi says:

    Looks like foreground-objects are also used for other sprites (the dragon), not only for Armakuni.
    Another thing that level-designers have to be aware of.

    • luigidifraia says:

      You got it.

      Can you also appreciate how the little bit of foreground on the right of the framed one is used to simulate some “fading” of the dragon body? Unfortunately it is not on the proper spot so the dragon’s head will appear on top of the rock at the left of the entrance.
      Have a look at the dragon coming out of the cave after seeing the above: doesn’t it all make more sense now? 🙂

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