Integrator 2012: boundary editor and events

Have you ever wondered whether in LN2 at level 2 you can dodge the motorbike or just avoid it by jumping as close as possible to the edge of the screen and land in the next location?

Road crossings in LN2 by Luigi Di Fraia

Road crossings in LN2

Let’s focus on the above screenshot: I believe that the event triggered when Armakuni crosses the magenta line in case of red traffic lights is… death PLUS a motorbike driving along (but that’s more about a scenic effect rather than used for e.g. deciding death based on sprite collisions).

So the answer to the initial question is: it’s not possible to avoid certain death on the way forward.

Moving on to some short term planning, what I would like to add to the boundary editor next is:

  • a bunch of buttons to add point-to-point lines, delete them, split a single segment in two, etc
  • additional visualization and editing of the event triggered when crossing boundary lines (hold the excitement as this just means handling a numeric offset, which is the row number in a table pointing to the routine to execute upon crossing a line 🙂 )

I look forward to working on that. Of course all of this is going to apply to LN and LN2 only. I reckon it might be interesting to check LN3, Vendetta and Time Machine, but at the moment my time is quite limited.

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