Integrator 2012: Modifying screen connections in LN to exploit existing escape gaps

I was testing a bit with Integrator 2012 today when I thought to demonstrate how to use the information that connects screens at my advantage 🙂

I have been pondering for a while today how to add the following features to I2012:

  • Viewing and editing screen connections
  • Viewing and editing hot regions where items can be picked up
  • Viewing and editing pickable items (sword, apple, shuriken, etc.), in particular the sprite that flashes when Armakuni enters the screen in LN (this method is not used in LN2 as the item is an Integrator object that blinks)

The challenge I am facing is that the information for each of these alone is scattered in memory, so I am not sure how to allow the user to load it in one step in I2012. The idea of a composite project file came back, but then I thought it probably makes sense to only support the engine used in LN2. We shall see how it goes.

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