DC2N: more developments

In order to fit in the much loved support for slow SD cards and FAT32, I decided to change the build settings for the DC2N firmware. Until today, the standard DC2N firmware compiled into a file that took 71.7% of the available program memory. Now, without any modification to the code whatsoever, I reduced that to 48.6% πŸ™‚

OK, more room within the program memory means more breath for adding new features, but I need to perform some regression testing now. Dumping tests are fine so far, which is great πŸ™‚

At the same time I decided to replace a few of the firmware modules in DC2N with equivalent ones that I have written from scratch for some of my other projects (i.e. DC2N2, DC2N3, USB-64).

As I move on replacing firmware modules in DC2N, I am doing a rewrite that uses these new modules from the ground up. In fact, I decided to follow a parallel approach:

  • on one side I migrate the code to use the new modules, so that the DC2N firmware gets where it should be, i.e. in line with other versions of DC2N;
  • on the other side I am building the DC2N firmware from scratch, which will give me a fresh vision and inspiration for the former migration

The idea is not about converging the two activities to the same point, but making the first one converge faster while still keeping an eye open onto new ideas and ways to do things πŸ™‚

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