Taking a moment to review some plans

My longest standing long term plan for Integrator 2012, i.e. enforcement to C64 hires restrictions, was finished. I don’t think it will be long before I enable panel addition either. Basically my TODO list is getting to the point where I might add support for handling information that is scattered around in RAM for each of the LN games. I might decide not to support the existing games and organize data in a different way just for entirely new titles.

The above brings me to an interesting point: I’d like to start filtering bits that are going to be part of the LN toolkit/framework and mark which areas will be unmoveable in RAM (e.g. bitmap), so I can arrange the rest all around them. It might seem a bit strange but there actually are valuable bits of code in LN3 too I can take from. I’d be interested in reverse engineering some more stuff in Time Machine too before making a final decision.

A few of the areas that will need some thought:

  • Sprites: LN2/3 have better animations but Armakuni is definitely better pictured in LN (e.g. the shape of the head). I also miss the harakiri animations in LN when you manage to get out of reach of some enemies. I’d love to get the best from the three.
  • Graphic engine: Integrator v2, used in LN2/3.
  • Foreground data format: LN3, but I’d love to look at Time Machine before deciding.
  • Sprite clipping: LN and LN2 are buggy and my fix does not address 100% of the possible scenarios. LN3 is just flawless in this area. I think this was the result of Stan’s hard work! Again, I’d like to check Time Machine too, but that uses multicolour sprites, which might not be entirely appropriate to refer to.
  • AI:  Same as LN2 and every enemy will be as tough as Kunitoki. LOL
  • Energy system: LN2/3 have set the standard, but I might take a turn there.
  • Location: Japan. FULL STOP.
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