Frames for reverse somersault

The reverse somersault for The Last Ninja was at some point documented on Kai’s website, The Last Ninja Archives.

Having not seen the reverse somersault myself, I was looking for a trail leading to it within the animation sequences. There is something at frames 28/29:

LN2: reverse somersault frame by Luigi Di Fraia

LN2: reverse somersault frame?

Frame 29 is different from the one used for a common somersault, 26, in which Armakuni is higher up as indicated by the distance between his body and its shadow:

LN2: somersault frame by Luigi Di Fraia

LN2: somersault frame

I haven’t done specific research in this sense within the code, but if you’ve ever made a reverse somersault, please feel free to leave a comment!

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7 Responses to Frames for reverse somersault

  1. Kai Ninja says:

    When grabbing frames for animations from LN1 I’m pretty sure I saw both frames in a forward somersault. I remember advancing to the next frame and all the Ninja did was get closer to the ground. Strange.

    • luigidifraia says:

      Hi Kai. Yes, that’s the case: both frames are actually used in a forward somersault. The reason I am following up with this research is that in LN2 the somersault animation sequence and the sequence that contains the first frame as per my post are apart in memory. The second sequence also suggests that Armakuni might be starting the somersault backwards, but again it’s speculation only at the moment and it was mainly triggered by what I had read on your website a while ago (I am not even sure that refers to the C64 version or not).

      I guess it will all make sense once I start experimenting with the information that is used to reference animation frames, which is the third level of indirection here:

      0th is compressed sprite data
      1st is sprite pointers (for unpacking)
      2nd is data that tells us how to combine sprites to form the character (i.e. a frame)
      3rd is defining the sequences of frames to make the actual animation

      Thanks again for taking the time!

  2. Maham says:

    Hi, I would like to have the Sprite Browser. Is it possible to share this and the latest version of Integrator.

    • luigidifraia says:

      I am afraid the the sprite/animation browser is not yet mature enough for publishing. The latest version of Integrator 2012 was published a few weeks back and is available on this blog.
      Good luck!

  3. John64 says:

    Hi Luigi. Amazing work you did so far on the Integrator 2012!

    I’ve actually seen Armakuni do a reverse somersault in the past (only a few times however) as I’ve played LN to death. I never understood why this reverse somersault was performed and never really bothered about it until I read your blog. Now I was determined to play LN again and force Armakuni to do a reverse somersault 🙂 No succes however after playing on a real C64. I tried playing the game in Vice and with more succes as the video below shows. The way to do it is to walk backwards and then move the joystick in the opposite direction whilst pressing fire simultaneously (up + fire or down + fire depending which direction you are moving.) The problem is that the fire button really has to be pressed at the exact same time as the joystick direction is changed. In Vice this is a lot easier as you can assign keys to the joystick directions. And even then timing is critical as it is not easy to perform a few reverse somersaults consecutively. On a real C64 this is almost impossible. Btw I have never seen a reverse somersault in LN2 and I also wasn’t able to make Armakuni perform one.

    Now one has to wonder why John Twiddy implemented this reverse somersault.

    Hope this was of any help to you.

  4. John64 says:

    Here’s a follow up on my reply from yesterday. I said that I couldn’t get Armakuni to reverse somersault on a real C64 under the condition that he was walking on an empty trail without adversaries. In Vice this is done easily. I found another way to do a reverse somersault as the video below shows. Ofcourse the game was played in Vice to be able to record it but it also works on a real C64. Just keep jumping towards your opponent by stepping back and jumping forward and sometimes a reverse somersault will be made (depending on the action of your opponent at the moment of jumping ?) What also works is to keep stabbing your opponent to the head, like step backwards, stab to the head, step backwards, stab to the head etc. (joystick down, fire + joystick up and repeat).

    • luigidifraia says:

      Hello John64 and thank you for your contribution!
      This is very likely an unwanted side effect in the code as the “reverse somersault” actually does not take Armakuni back. I think it can be easily explained now by looking at the code 🙂

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