Programming tests for USB-64

Inspired by a conversation I was having with enthusi the other day, this morning I wrote a tape mastering tool from TAP file and experimented a bit with it. At the moment the code to load TAP data from the external world is not implemented: I have a mock-up routine that just provides a regular pattern: $30, $31,…$3F, $70,$71…$7F and the sequence starts over. The idea is to fetch data from USB-64 at some point 🙂

My code is by no means optimized (e.g. I am not using ZP for variables or calculations) and too generic/flexible so at the moment it requires $E8 clock cycles per single pulse to write to TAPE, meaning that it is not suitable to master pulses shorter than $1D (TAP value). A number of turbo loaders goes below that so I will put some effort in the optimization at some point. Then I will have to include the routines to read from USB-64 and check what I can achieve that way.

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