Integrator 2012: connection editor on the go

I’m currently coding one of the GUIs for the connection editor that will enable users to edit where exits are, where they lead, etc.

Integrator 2012: connection editor by Luigi Di Fraia

Integrator 2012: connection editor

I also thought to put down a draft schedule for my plans:

Integrator 2012: planning by Luigi Di Fraia

Integrator 2012: planning

What the above means is that I am pretty much not adding any feature to the builds for Vendetta and Time Machine in the short/medium term: in fact, I haven’t added boundary/foreground editors either so far.
For LN3 I haven’t added the boundary editor and I don’t plan doing so for now, supported by the fact boundary checking is one of the buggiest features in LN3 on the C64.
For LN I don’t plan any further development as I don’t see its engine being used for a new title, due to its limitations.
The only build to which I will dedicate new efforts at present will be the one for LN2: the goal is to get to the end of the blue block where most design activities are handled by I2012 in the hope this will encourage writing a new LN title for the C64 🙂

Finally, it should be noted that the length of the bars is representative of the coding effort rather than the time spent/left 🙂

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