Integrator 2012: design – giving it another go

I gave it another go and (brute-force) converted my new objects to a more suitable format. Still not quite there, but I think that my experiment could prove the point: I made an initial mock-up and grabbed 5 objects out of it. I then used these 5 new objects (and a few more from the LN2 catalogue) to design the base graphics of a location that reproduces the mock-up itself.

Integrator 2012: reviewing new designs by Luigi Di Fraia

Integrator 2012: reviewing new designs!

Again: I am not a graphic artist but I am learning a number of new things by playing around with the design process.

Next I think I will replace the modern bricks (LN2 catalogue) with one more appropriate (maybe I will use LN3 as base next time). My mistake was that I made an object to use as brush for brick walls that is 2×2 character²: it should have been 4×3 character². This is sort of “divine proportion” for objects that we want to use as brush/texture, even if the essential point is that these need to be 4 character wide (or a multiple of it) and can be as tall as we need them to be. The reason is pretty obvious by looking at the isometric graphics!

From now on I will keep that in mind. I should have paid more attention to Hugh’s design 🙂

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