Integrator 2012: demo available for download

Join the fun: the playable demo of my test location is available for download here.

Load it into your preferred C64 emulator and enjoy. Don’t forget to leave comments on your experience 🙂

Integrator 2012: Demo time

Integrator 2012: Demo time

Again: the files I designed as part of my experiments are available hereYou need the binary of Integrator 2012 for LN2 in order to open these files (I do the same but I use the mask for LN3).

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2 Responses to Integrator 2012: demo available for download

  1. I haven’t played very seriously with I2012, but I have a question: how easy is to create a full playable PRG with the application? That is, after the application produces its output, is it immediately available as a PRG, or is some integration required?

  2. luigidifraia says:

    At the moment going from the three PRG files created by Integrator 2012 to a playable demo involves some manual work. A quick way to do this is to load a snapshot of the unmodified level 1 of LN2, loading my PRG files over and jumping to a specific routine: that’s what I did myself to package the demo as per above post.
    Of course there is another way to do this which is by using the source code of LN2 and assemble it with the modifications.

    In the near future there will be a third automated way, which will come from the fact I plan to fork Integrator 2012 into a new application that I plan to call “The Last Ninja Toolkit”. Integrator 2012 will then step back to where it was about one year ago as the most useful design features will be part of the Toolkit and meant to encourage the development of a new LN game.

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