Integrator 2012: will have even more facilities

In order to facilitate my editing experience I thought of a number of little features to add to Integrator 2012. These would have come from graphic artists using the tool, but as there’s none around who is interested, I will be feeding back my needs to myself 🙂

One point is that when I import or grab an object I should be able to replace an existing one, or have an object swap option that can act on a per object basis, per panel basis, or globally.

The other thing is about shifting the whole panel contents in any direction, or even select a a region and shift all elements for adjusting the scene or part of it. I already have the big navigation buttons in the panel editor, so I think I will change their purpose to shifting not a single item, but either the whole scene or a selected region.

I would also like to implement pretty much the same idea of shifting a region but this time in the z direction: “move to back”, “move farther”, “move closer” and “bring to front” would therefore work with multiple selected items.

The last 2 points are a generalization of what’s already in place, so I should be able to get away by simply coding a middle layer that iterates through the elements of the selection 🙂

Before I dive deep into these activities, I will get back to the connection editor for some more fun: I will be implementing the save option and the interface to choose in which location the main character starts at level start 🙂

As a bonus at this time, I thought to share the files I designed as part of my experiments. You need the binary of Integrator 2012 for LN2 in order to open these files. Get the files from here.

Integrator 2012: new design available for download by Luigi Di Fraia

Integrator 2012: new design available for download

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