Armakuni needed a pair of these

Apparently one can have holidays in the area and see a number of ninja related things:

In Koka, at the southern tip of Shiga Prefecture, is one of the two main ninja areas, the famous School of Koga ninja village. Iga City of neighboring Mie Prefecture, the second main area, was the birthplace of the School of Iga ninjutsu and both areas once had a large number of ninja houses. At these facilities, it is considered that while ninja performed their daily training, they served the daimyo and feudal lords through acts like stealth surveillance and assassination. Here at Koga Ninja Village you can adorn the garb of the ninja and experience ninja training for yourself. You can also try the different hidden mechanisms in the houses, things like hidden doors, pull-down staircases, and other stuff from scenes you have read in comics and seen on television.

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