Integrator 2012: connection data save code finished

As I had some time today, I wrote the code for saving connection data i.e. the information on how locations connect to each other, where Armakuni shows up when entering location Y from location X, etc.

The next major tasks will be:

  • allow editing of areas that are sensitive: where the key can be picked up, where the key needs to be used in order to open the gate, etc.
  • edit AI
  • expand the sprite/animation browser, adding editing capabilities too.

After these, there will be pretty much nothing else I plan to automate as I will have gone through the flesh of the game and will be hitting its backbone: the code itself.Β All good fun.

As I mentioned in a comment, I am inclined to downgrade Integrator 2012 to only be a PC version of the “PDS Ninja III Editor”, which basically means bringing its feature set back to December 2012: no editing of sprite clipping data, boundaries, or connections (of course the latest features as panel insertion will all be available).

The reason is that the extra activities are very much game specific and I would not want to get distracted by the obsession to add/extend support for all games, which means spending too much time in reverse engineering and PC development.
With the limited time I’ve got, my focus should now be to only support the best of each in what I plan to name: “The Last Ninja Construction Toolkit”.

Long story short, the tool’s purposes will be:

  • Integrator 2012: browse/review existing Integrator designs (LN, LN2, LN3, Vendetta, and Time Machine).
  • The Last Ninja Construction Toolkit (TLNCT): create new designs (Integrator, sprite clipping, boundary, connections, sensitive regions, AI, sprites) somewhat compatible with the LN2 engines but really meant for a new game.

Considering the community interest levels, TLNCT will be an in-house tool.

In all this, I reckon I still need to rewrite or properly fix the sprite clipping routines in LN/LN2 as they are buggy. The one in LN3 works fine.

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2 Responses to Integrator 2012: connection data save code finished

  1. Kai Ninja says:

    The more new stuff you create the more requests you will get to de-inhouse it!
    Here’s your first vote for this! πŸ™‚
    I’d like to get my hands dirty and create at least one new level one day…

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