Old design revisited

I am revisiting my first location as I have the feeling that the objects are slightly too big (e.g. its windows feel huge compared to the ones in the second location). I checked the demo and loaded the second location too in there: the latter feels better in proportions or maybe things are a bit too small?

Have a look:

Integrator 2012: playable demo by Luigi Di Fraia

Integrator 2012: playable demo

What I plan to do is to resize things slightly: smaller for the first location and possibly a bit larger for the second one. My first attempt is as per below:

Objects being reviewed by Luigi Di Fraia

Objects being reviewed

Note how the encompassed window is smaller than the one on the left (used in the design of the first location): I think that will do. I will review other objects too and see what I can do. Smaller objects also mean that more of them are required to fill up the screen so I will have to put some more effort in this design. Oh well, I managed to give myself more work again đŸ˜€

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