Integrator 2012: planning a new public release

After finishing 2 bug fixes and after having made a few adjustments to the GUI for all versions but the one that targets The Last Ninja, I plan to release version 1.1 when I get a chance to do the builds.

At the same time I will work at a few editing enhancements that came to my mind while using I2012 for new designs, which is how I spotted the 2 abovementioned bugs too. It is incredible how much more visibility you get on the solution when you actually use it for what it’s meant to be used ūüôā

Just one of the two bugs affects the public release, while a couple of oddities will disappear as a consequence of the GUI change, so there is not a real urge to update. I might in fact try to get the enhancements in too.

When I get the time I also plan to share the details of how I painted my new objects for Integrator 2012. The process can be tricky if one does not know what the design constraints are, so I will expose these in another video tutorial, possibly introducing another tool of mine that has been key to this process and recently finished to production quality: C64 Dither V2.

Do¬†not to fall behind as there’s a lot to be learned and I myself haven’t yet mastered all aspects of the process.

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