DC2N 2: slightly progressing

The DC2N 2 is not at the top of my priority list, especially for what concerns the new firmware.

It can, however, run the legacy DC2N firmware if I get around to doing a few adjustments to it. The advantages of running the legacy firmware on the new board rather than on the DC2N board would be:

  • everything is on a single PCB so it’s quite compact
  • the serial port has been replaced with a mini-USB one
  • the SD Card slot has been replaced with a micro-SD Card one
DC2N2: second prototype

DC2N2: second prototype

The new firmware is essentially complete too. The dumping and playback routines are written, but I am having an issue with the playback part that I need to correct when I get some extended time to debug it. I don’t use the JTAG interface for debugging (the black connector goes to an LCD), so that I need the extra time to work at it.

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