DC2N2 mini almost ready

I have to still decide which display to mount on the unit as I have the choice (char LCD or graphic display), but DC2N2 mini is essentially ready.

I wish the 20×4 char display was smaller so that I could fit it nicely in the case: Some of the PCB space these LCDs are mounted on is just literally wasted making it too big to fit in this mount. The other problem with the 20×4 is weight: they are quite heavy, too heavy for a “mini” version of DC2N2.

Make no mistake though: “mini” only refers to the size of the unit, not to its capabilities!

DC2N2 mini by Luigi Di Fraia

DC2N2 mini

BTW, the buttons for REC, PLAY, etc. are on the opposite side of the picture.

If you wish, the DC2N2 mini is the perfect replacement for DC2N, which is therefore at EOL and EOS.

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