DC2N3 playback of TAP files: preparing the GUI interface

Dinner break to say that I am progressing very quickly on the GUI interface that I plan to add in DC2N3 firmware revision 2. This interface is required as I have to give users means to browse the USB drive connected to DC2N3 in order to choose which file to play.

For DC2N3 I plan to only use short filenames but FAT-16 and FAT-32 are both supported. In the future things might change and I might be in a position to add long filename support.

As I use the console port of DC2N3 for development purposes, I am happy to share a screenshot that is representative of the information that will be presented to end-users:

DC2N3 rev 2 console by Luigi Di Fraia

DC2N3 rev 2 console

Oh yes: the firmware also lists items alphabetically and separates folders from files on the “deluxe” version of DC2N3 šŸ™‚

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