DC2N versions

Thank you to all those who are still emailing me to ask for a DC2N. I thought to discuss briefly what the options are.

DC2N version 1

DC2N version 1 just finished dumping a tape by Luigi Di Fraia

DC2N version 1

For what concerns the DC2N version 1, these are EOL and EOS (End Of Life and End Of Support), meaning that I don’t build any more devices nor sell them nor help you in case you have issues (even if you bought an unit from me directly). There will be very rare exceptions to this.


Essentially a DC2N with a SD Card bootloader: It does NOT require opening the case nor a serial cable connected to the PC in order to update the firmware.
Price is 110 GBP. Only one is available at the moment but not listed for sale just yet.

DC2N version 3

DC2N3 prototype fully assembled by Luigi Di Fraia

DC2N3 prototype fully assembled

DC2N version 3 is NOT a replacement for DC2N version 1 and that’s why I have not moved pre-orders from the DC2N version 1 pre-order list to the DC2N version 3 one.

I’d like to make sure you know what your are pre-ordering and what your expectations are. In particular, the current DC2N version 3 firmware (1.5.2) does NOT offer TAP playback as I initially did not want to offer that feature in DC2N version 3.
It does offer TAP playback (actually full C2N emulation) in revision 2.0 and 3.0, but these are not GA (Generally Available) yet.
The price range of a DC2N3 is 85-110 GBP and that’s pretty much defined now, depending on the optional add-ons.

DC2N version 2

DC2N2 mini by Luigi Di Fraia

DC2N2 mini

The replacement unit for DC2N version 1 is of course DC2N version 2. However, also in this case I have not moved pre-orders around as I have not reached a settled design of the hardware. Also, DC2N version 2 is on a different price range compared to DC2N version 1 and offers different builds in terms of the display: small char display, big char display, small graphic display, big graphic display.
Pricing has to be defined but I can expect that with the current modular approach units will be quite expensive.

DC2N version 4

DC2N version 4 by Luigi Di Fraia

Most details still to be defined. For the time being this is a dumping only device, but I might think about TAP playback in future.
The unit connects to a PC/Mac via a USB cable and the tape dumping is made via a host application. Binaries are available for Windows, Linux, and OSX.


I craft these units one by one during my free time. It takes about 12 man hours for a DC2N version 3 build. If you think my units are expensive, please be advised that I agree with you.

About Luigi Di Fraia

I am a Senior DevOps Engineer so I get to work with the latest technologies and open-source software. However, in my private time I enjoy retro-computing.
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