TAPClean: a few more improvements

As I noticed that the semicolon character in Apollo 18’s block names was creating issues with the generation of PRG filenames, I decided to normalize block names further by replacing non alphanumeric chars with an underscore. In the long term, I might also add an additional field to the “blk” structure containing the original PETSCII name that will be shown in the report as an escaped sequence. Part of the reason is that I might at some point allow TCFE users to export a PRG into a T64 or D64, preserving the original PETSCII name.

TCFE Apollo18 Filenames by Luigi Di Fraia

TCFE Apollo18 Filenames

I also changed the “Cyberload F4” describe function to use the standard description process to handle block names so that these also propagate into PRG file names as it already happens for other scanners (e.g. Accolade, Rainbow Arts F2, TDI F2, etc.) too.

TCFE LN2 Filenames by Luigi Di Fraia

TCFE LN2 Filenames

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