DC2N4: GUI client ready too

I once again read about people dumping tapes via audio sampling, therefore I decided to speed up the development of the DC2N4 GUI client. Hopefully I can get them on a DC2N4 at some point…

DC2N version 4 by Luigi Di Fraia

DC2N version 4


DC2N4 GUI client by Luigi Di Fraia

DC2N4 GUI client

DC2N4 GUI client: success by Luigi Di Fraia

DC2N4 GUI client: success

The application is not CPU, disk or memory intensive. In fact, on this old development PC running Windows XP I am updating this page in chrome with 9 other tabs open, dumping a tape, and I have a bunch of other apps open but the CPU usage hardly hits a 20% at peak times and goes as low as 7%.
The OS multitasking does not interfere with DC2N4 (not even when one is recording the Desktop to a video as I did!) as the real-time processing is done in hardware (which is a requirement for producing DMP files as per my specification).

Tape dumping and technology finally caught up since the glorious times of the excellent MTAP 🙂

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