DC2N3 shipping

Those who’ve been asked for a shipping address should get their DC2N3 before Easter 🙂

A DC2N3 gathering by Luigi Di Fraia

A DC2N3 gathering

On one of the devices the LCD panel was still not fitted: such panel alone sells for 12 GBP on eBay 🙂

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3 Responses to DC2N3 shipping

  1. tng1701e says:

    Lucky people, nice going. How much are you selling them for Luigi?

    • luigidifraia says:

      Still 85 GBP for the model with a small display: I decided to discount the extra costs of the new microprocessor.

      The model with a larger display is 95 GBP: In this case the printed circuit board accomodates more components to interface with the display and has a gold finish everywhere not just on the card-edge, which means significantly more expensive for me to produce for a volume as low as just 5 units. Of course, I don’t encourage anybody buying this one unless the former is sold out.

      I know this is a lot of money, but none of the components comes cheap either at low volumes: the LCD panel is 12 GBP alone on eBay, the USB Host costs 18 GBP at Farnell, the PCB prices start from 8 GBP, the new MCU is 7 GBP…

  2. tng1701e says:

    Still a great price for both units, nice one.

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