Total Eclipse II – Invisible Walls

I had posted renderings of the area THEBES-B from Total Eclipse II before but I also found an in-game screenshot of the same I took a while back while testing. So here they are, invisible walls made visible as part of my trainer for Total Eclipse II:

THEBES-B Invisible Walls revealed

THEBES-B Invisible Walls revealed

The screenshot is taken with the player standing in a position that is impossible to get to normally: I had to POKE the position manually into the game data in order to get to such a privileged viewpoint 🙂

Navigation in the above maze when walls are invisible is particularly frustrating as, for example, one has to crawl into the opening that is about in the middle of the screenshot, but it can’t be seen!

However, the game does give players a clue: if the music playback is stopped, sounds are enabled and when you walk into the block above the opening you get a particular sound that informs you you are at the opening so it’s time to crawl. Still, you have to know more or less where the opening is (i.e. left side of the area) and back in the day it was only possible to find out by means of trial.

In short, if you had scanned the whole area and got through, it would have been significantly simpler to navigate the maze on the second attempt using the sound feedback from the game 🙂

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