USB-BASIC 2.0 – proof of concept

USB-BASIC 2.0, the latest BASIC interface to access USBhost-64, is much more focused on its compatibility with CBM BASIC, providing features found in standard LOAD and SAVE commands. In a nutshell, ULOAD “NAME” as example behaves pretty much like LOAD “NAME”,N,1 whether it’s issued in direct mode (at the READY prompt) or executed in a running BASIC program.
In order to demonstrate how BASIC programs can be made agnostic of the device they use, I could have used the load and save vectors at $0330/1 and $0332/3 respectively, so that LOAD and SAVE commands would be diverted to my own USB kernel when e.g. the device number is 16 or thereabout.

However, as I mentioned above, I chose to once again leverage my BASIC Interpreter extension framework and adapt the Commodore 64 disk version of “The Sword of Fargoal” to load using the new ULOAD command provided by USB-BASIC 2.0. Enjoy! 🙂

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