USBhost-64 requests

A few more people keep asking about the USBhost-64 project on a regular basis. However, the density of requests does not make me comfortable that whoever requested a device early on is still interested. Obviously I can’t poll their interest on a monthly, or so, basis either.
At this rate, it’s not likely I will ever get the device manufactured and distributed. I would not be able to allocate the time in order to sell large batches over a medium-long term: I’d be looking for a fast turnover, and open sourcing the code should do the rest. Unfortunately people are looking for low prices so I am unable to get to a critical volume of orders quickly enough to make everybody happy at the same time.

If anybody were interested in acquiring the rights to further develop this project and/or embed it in their product offering then I’d be available to discuss.

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2 Responses to USBhost-64 requests

  1. It’s an interesting product so a shame that it wont go into production. Personally I think I should rather invest in the lastest DC2N to make dumping simpler. I have an early one (not even mounted it in the box I also got from you) that requires a PC with a serial port to use, so I have this big old machine here for that purpose alone. 🙂 – But it still works fine (had to solder the power plug a couple of times though, again because I havent mounted the thing in a box).

    • luigidifraia says:

      I will have a few more DC2N3 units available at some point for those interested. In your case I guess you might check with one of your country folks whether he’s in a position to lend you his own DC2N3 🙂

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