DC2N5-STM32: a low cost DC2N is coming soon!

The low cost version of DC2N5, DC2N5-STM32, based on an STM32F100 micro-controller, is now capable of sampling data from a C2N just as expected. This is a great intermediate result as I am now not far off from having a low cost device capable of making tape backups for preservation 🙂

Low cost DC2N5-STM32

Low cost DC2N5-STM32 based on the STM32F100 Discovery board

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4 Responses to DC2N5-STM32: a low cost DC2N is coming soon!

  1. Looks like a lot of components for being low cost. Or is it only the tiny one with the USB cable in + a datasette connector – with an optional screen?

    • luigidifraia says:

      Heh, I understand your reaction. I shall say that the development board I am using for DC2N5-STM32 (the green one on the right) costs about 9 GBP. In comparison, the development board I use for DC2N5 (the blue one you can see elsewhere in my posts) costed me 38 GBP about.

      • Yeah I have noticed that at least USB connected Arduino boards have become very cheap. I just ordered an ATmega32u4 to use for a PC-to-C64 experiment and that cost me a whopping $4 including shipping. 🙂

      • luigidifraia says:

        Apart for the presence of the USB controller, the ATmega32U4 is pretty much as powerful (or limited) as the micro-controller in DC2N version 1 so you can look forward to great days (and nights?) tinkering with it 🙂

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