Low-cost DC2N5: half-wave dumping is now ready too

After some head scratching due to the number of errors in the STM32 guide for the micro-controller I am using for DC2N5-STM32, I decided to try a method I’ve been using with AVR chips for a while (i.e. since Massi cadenti asked me to add the half-wave dumping mode in DC2N version 1). There’s no mention in the STM32 guide that suggests this is a possible route, yet it worked nicely so I now have half-wave dumping support in DC2N5-STM32 too!

All versions of DC2N therefore support dumping (and recording) of half-waves, based on user selection 🙂

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2 Responses to Low-cost DC2N5: half-wave dumping is now ready too

  1. Anton says:

    Hello Luigi,

    when will the DC2N5 be available to buy ?
    I am still having the DC2N2 and it served me very well throughout the last years, but i would like to upgrade to the N5…

    • luigidifraia says:

      Anton, I guess you have a DC2N version 1 as you mentioned you had it for years. DC2N5 will come in two different flavours but I am unable to advise when it will be possible to buy one of my devices. The reason is still the same I have been struggling with for years: hardware design for SMD, case design, and full assembly of the device. I’d like to get these outsourced to some extent but I have not received valuable feedback or help in that sense so I might have to figure out all the details myself this time too. It’s a shame really as most of the firmware and software I wrote is production quality. In case of DC2N version 2, version 3, and 4 I’ve only built a few devices but I am particularly proud of each single one of them.

      I would recommend you keep checking my blog for updates once every few months if you are interested in getting hold of one of my devices.

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