TAP v2 playback tested successfully in DC2N2 and DC2N3 too!

After some troubleshooting, I found out a typo in my playback code for TAP v2 in DC2N2 and DC2N3. The bug was fixed and therefore TAP v2 playback is working as expected in both devices! Another task in my TODO list bites the dust 🙂

The only major outstanding piece of code that I have yet to write is around the TAP playback in DC2N5-STM32, i.e. the latest of the devices I’ve started working at. I am still getting familiar with the datasheet of the micro-controller, but as I’ve already implemented the dumping side of things I am confident in being able to quickly implement TAP playback too.
BTW, TAP playback, including playback of TAP v2, has been fully functional in DC2N5 for a while already: it’s just the low cost version of DC2N5, DC2N5-STM32, that is missing this feature for the time being.

All going well I can then move on to the graphic interface for DC2N3 version 3 and DC2N5 version 1.

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