DC2N4: BOM is getting expensive

In a world where it seems that everything is getting more expensive, the DC2N4 BOM is no exception. See it for yourself here. That’s right, the enclosure I used for my DC2N4 prototype now costs 4.29 GBP (5.84 Euro) + shipping.

With the development board I used, now costing around 24 GBP, we’re already at about 28 GBP (38 Euro). That is not even all components and excludes shipping. Things are getting way too pricey for me to be able to make my devices affordable. Bear that in mind when you ask for one…

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4 Responses to DC2N4: BOM is getting expensive

  1. Anton says:

    we say here in germany, quality has it’s price. And your Hardware is quality.
    So i am not having a problem to pay for it. But thanks anyway, sharing it with us !

  2. Perhaps you can buy ABS plastic cases from China? They seem to be very cheap. I am sure they have all sorts of sizes. Here is a quick example I found: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/ABS-DIY-Plastic-Electronic-Project-Box-Enclosure-Instrument-100x60x25mm-New-EPYG-/141787728729

    • luigidifraia says:

      I appreciate the feedback but I ordered this sort of enclosures in the past and wasn’t particularly impressed with them for a number of reasons.
      Furthermore to what I originally wrote, I ordered a few cases for a lower price than Maplin’s and I was sent the wrong items. I am waiting for the return label to get this sorted. Pretty annoying when you think I am trying to give other people a chance to get one of my devices…

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