DC2N4 provisional offer

This is not yet official but things seem quite settled now: DC2N4 will be available to the public for a price that’s in between 30 and 35 GBP. Realistically, we might be looking at 35 GBP inclusive of shipping. Only PC and Linux GUI clients will be available, but OSX users will be able to use a commandline version of the client:

DC2N4 USB serial client

DC2N4 USB serial client

A few things need to happen before DC2N4 becomes available to the public:

  • beta testing of the device and software (most likely with users just in UK)
  • verification of the impact of moisture and EMI during travel

So, what I’d say is: this is a good time to make up your minds and decide whether or not a DC2N4 is for you. If it is, you might want to put aside a few quids a week for when the device becomes available 🙂
In particular, be reminded that DC2N4 is the only device in the DC2N family for which I have not written any TAP playback code and I might not do so.

As per low-cost version, I am still waiting for a tiny evaluation kit to be delivered so that I can check whether a lower class micro-controller might be used for the same purpose. If so, we would be looking at 28 GBP inclusive of shipping for DC2N4 low-cost.

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6 Responses to DC2N4 provisional offer

  1. Great news! I might be interested in one – even though I got an old DC2N from you already. The DC4N just seems quite a bit simpler to use. Actually never used the TAP playback feature of the DC2N – and never even hooked up the LCD screen on it too. I seem to recall it needs a firmware update to use that and have playback?

    • luigidifraia says:

      Playback might be already included in your firmware: just look at the DC2N splash-screen (the one with the list of available commands). The firmware you run without LCD is alternative to the production one, which uses an LCD. Those who got such “arrangement” back in the day were keen on getting a DC2N firmware in beta stage and not too bothered about having to control the device via a serial connection. They didn’t even bother having a cased device as far as I remember 🙂

      • That would be me you describe there, still haven’t whipped out my Dremel to make suitable holes for the LCD. Just a question though, will the LCD work even if the DC2N is hooked up to serial, although I guess with that I would be able to control it all from the buttons on the device instead (although getting those clickable in the case is troublesome due to their surface mount). Never used those buttons so have no idea what they are actually, haha.

      • luigidifraia says:

        Yep, the control interface and display interface can be selected almost independently. Also, when the LCD output is enabled, the output on the serial port is still active so you get both.
        Keys substitute the input via serial port. The DC2N keys are exactly the same as in a real C2N!

  2. Davide says:

    Hello the client work in Linux ARM (Rasperry Pi)?

    • luigidifraia says:

      That’s an abomination. LOL.
      Seriously, the clients will not work on ARM at present, but I might be able to borrow one such platform and build the commandline client at least. The GUI client is based on GTK+ 2.x so it should be possible to compile that one too for ARM.

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