IECHost update

As I had a few more minutes to tinker around tonight, I added the processing of control sequences within the BASIC program decoder available in IECHost.

Here’s the result:

0 {REVS ON}"UTILITIES       " 01 2A
62   "EASYPROG-1.6.3"   PRG
7    "USB-BASIC 1.1P"   PRG
7    "USB-BASIC 1.1S"   PRG
16   "D64DUMPER"        PRG

Finally, I should not forget to mention that I am looking into a very strict error checking policy during the execution of commands available in IECHost: I would like it to be as robust as possible should it end up being used by users other than me 🙂

It’s during some error checking tests that I came across something rather interesting. I will provide further details at some point but for now it should suffice saying that if you read the disk status after opening a direct access data channel and issuing the “U1” command through the command channel then you don’t get an uninterrupted stream of bytes back from the buffer, which slows down the sector read operation.

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