IECHost: drive code upload and execution API completed and tested

I had some time this morning to write the IECHost API for direct access to the 1541 memory, i.e. the equivalent of the “M-W” and “M-E” commands. The idea was to get something like a “hello world!” program uploaded to the drive’s memory and executed. I chose to upload some code to just flash the status LED:


; record header following PRG load address: code size
sz	.word endcode - start

.logical $0300

; unless the code starts here, have a jump to the entry point from here

flash	lda $1c00
	eor #$08	; blink LED
	sta $1c00

; delay .3 seconds
	ldx #$ff
x	ldy #$ff
y	dey
	bne y
	bne x

	jmp flash


The way IECHost uploads and executes the above program is by means of the following code:

	pgm_read_word(drivecode_flashing_led),	/* PRG start address */
	drivecode_flashing_led + 4,				/* Code start in PRG */
	pgm_read_word(drivecode_flashing_led + 2),	/* Code size record in PRG */
if (st)

directaccess_memory_execute(device_number, pgm_read_word(drivecode_flashing_led), 

It’s all working as expected of course 🙂

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