Almost end of the year

I thought to take a few minutes today after work to give at least one update on my projects before joining the celebrations for Christmas and end of the year festivities.

Yesterday I used DC2N4-LC to sample the TAP playback from DC2N5-LC version 2. I used a TAP file for “The Great Gianna Sisters” and the resulting DMP file was 99% recognized in TAPClean with all check bytes matching their expected values.
Therefore the hardware configuration of DC2N5-LC version 2 is nearly complete: I only need to fit in a few push buttons for interacting with the device and then I’m done.
In January I should have enough time to test buttons and finalise the hardware design before sending it to the production line 🙂

That’s all from me on the subject. I might not have another chance so Merry Christmas everybody!

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One Response to Almost end of the year

  1. Xiny6581 says:

    Really awesome dude 🙂
    Hey, when it’s done I am super interested to get one.
    Happy New Year,

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