Intro making again

It’s still early stages, but I am planning to make another Commodore 64 intro. This time I plan to use FLD (Flexible Line Distance) combined with something else I am not yet entirely sure of.

The top section of the screen will be bouncing, while the bottom one will not, and I will use a more realistic bouncing pattern, as suggested by Scott (a.k.a. Fungus).

Double FLD implementation

Double FLD implementation

Although this has been done a number of times in the past (years ago Scott implemented something very similar to what I have in mind), I plan to finish my own implementation of the routines involved, including the double-interrupt solution for stable code.
The idea is to come up with code which is both readable and maintainable, and of course PAL/NTSC independent so that I can use it for future reference 🙂

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