DC2N5-LC price estimate

We’re probably looking at 18-20 GBP for a DIY kit, which excludes shipping, the enclosure, and a USB bridge (the latter is only needed for firmware updates in the field).

I’d say that’s not bad for a piece of kit that can:

  • dump PET, Commodore 64/128, Vic20, C16/+4, Spectrum, BBC, and MSX tapes (including using both signal edges, a.k.a. halfwaves);
  • record from a PET, C64/128, VIC20; and
  • playback v0, v1, and v2 TAP files to PET, C64/128, VIC20 (with a third party adapter C16 is supported as well, which is the one that would benefit from the support of v2 TAP files).

Besides, this device is something that I plan to support for a long term as DC2N5-LC uses a 32-bit ARM MCU that I plan to use moving forward for all new projects, having ported my framework entirely to this family of devices.

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