DC2N5-LC update

Along with using a larger font, I have also integrated the module that extracts the file name for a few formats, i.e. CBM ROM, Turbo Tape 250, and Turrican:

DC2N5-LC file name extraction example

DC2N5-LC file name extraction example

I’ve also re-dumped Turrican using the “half-wave” method and the result was great once “forcefully” converted to TAP version 1: 99% recognized in TAPClean and all check bytes checks passed.

I must admit I am really happy with these results 🙂

On a sad note when I turned on my C64 for making a video about USBhost-64 loading my latest crack intro, I stumbled on an issue: Immediately after being turned it shows “PRESS PLAY ON TAPE” and is unresponsive to keystrokes, but the C= key.
I tried to load something from tape and it only loads up to the “FOUND <file name>” message: after that the C64 gets stuck at the “READY.” prompt.

It looks like I might finally have to face the task of trying to repair my own retro hardware.

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