Working at the PRG file loader for DC2N

Over the last weekend I managed to finally scribble and then code my PRG file loader for DC2N. The idea is that DC2N5 should be able to produce a TAP file off a PRG file on the fly, without storing the whole result in its tiny memory.

As I did when I coded the file name extraction tool for Tiny C2N Monitor and DC2N5-LC, this time too I started with a PC application that processes data on the fly and wraps up PRG data into a CBM ROM Loader-based TAP file. The result is exactly what I expected so my next task is to look at implementing some turbo tape loader.

I’ll have to verify where I stand with DC2N5-LC before integrating this feature. In the worst case scenario the PRG to TAP converter will have to produce a temporary TAP file on the micro SD Card and playback that file. In the best case scenario I can do the conversion truly on the fly during the playback itself 🙂

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