PRG to TAP: Turbo Tape 250 masterer available for testing too

I’ve updated my PRG to TAP tool in order to allow users to produce TAP files using the universally known Turbo Tape 250 format. A preview version for Windows users is available here.

Here’s the output from the usage text:

PRG to TAP version 1 generator V1.5-preview - (C) 2016 Luigi Di Fraia
Converts PRG to TAP using the CBM ROM loader or Turbo Tape 250

Usage: prg2tap.exe [options] "<PRG filename>" "<TAP filename>"

 -t: Use Turbo Tape 250 instead of CBM ROM loader
 -a: appends to <TAP filename> instead of overwriting it
 -r: sets file type to relocatable (CBM type 1, TT250 type 1)
 -n "<ASCII name>": sets the filename to <ASCII name>
 -h "<hex string>": sets the filename to <hex string>
 -p "<PRG payload>": inserts <PRG payload> into the Header @ $0351
 -s: adds a 5 second trailing silence

 prg2tap.exe -t -n "HELLO WORLD!" example.prg helloworldtt250.tap
 prg2tap.exe -h "930548454c4c4f20574f524c4421" example.prg helloworld.tap
 prg2tap.exe -p payload.prg example.prg helloworld.tap

 PETSCII codes can be part of the <hex string> for advanced uses
 The default file type is non-relocatable (CBM type 3, TT250 type 2)

PETSCII codes of interest (full listing at
 05: white
 08: disable SHIFT+C=
 0e: switch charset to lo/up
 12: reverse on
 13: home
 1c: red
 1e: green
 1f: blue
 81: orange
 8e: switch charset to up/gfx
 90: black
 92: reverse off
 93: clear
 95: brown
 96: pink
 97: dark grey
 98: grey
 99: light green
 9a: light blue
 9b: light grey
 9c: purple
 9e: yellow
 9f: cyan

One way to leverage both the CBM ROM Loader and TT250 masterers is to record a “mini turbo” program using the CBM ROM Loader that auto-executes and loads a TT250 stored on TAP immediately afterwards.

What I still need to double check is the size of silences between Header and Data blocks used by TT250 and whether or not it can load under ROM at $e000-$ffff. Once I’ve checked both and done some more testing of the tool, I shall release version 1.5 🙂

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3 Responses to PRG to TAP: Turbo Tape 250 masterer available for testing too

  1. Not sure if this turbo tape thing works? There is no difference to the output TAP file whether I use -t or not as paramter to the exe file.

  2. Carmine says:

    It works for me.

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