Turbo Tape custom loader ready

I managed to do a few changes to my hacked version of the Trilogic loader that loads Turbo Tape 250 files and I am happy with the results now.
I also tested the loading is reliable on a real C64 when I load TAP files produced by PRG2TAP by means of DC2N5-LC.

PRG2TAP packages with rearranged examples, inclusive of my “production ready” custom Turbo Tape loader and a Turbo Tape program from 1983, are available as per below:

If you look under the “examples” folder you will find 2 batch files. One will produce a bootable TAP file that uses my custom turbo loader and the other will produce a TAP with the Turbo Tape tool as the first program, followed by a Turbo-saved file.

If TAP files produced by PRG2TAP were written to real tapes then reliability issues would be just as likely to occur as they did with the original C64 toolchain (mainly when using poor quality tapes), so I will take no blame for that 🙂

Playback via other digital equipment (e.g. 1541U2, C64SD V3.0 Princess, etc.) should be no problem either, but I haven’t got any to test with.

Finally, I could not resist the curiosity to ponder a simple tape mastering toolchain. I don’t plan to do major work on that any time soon, but I might add support for saving files using the Freeload format to PRG2TAP in the short term. Such format is more suitable for tune playback while loading due to the less strict timings involved.
Once that is done, anybody with some loader experience should be able to write their own Freeload-compatible loader and support pretty much whatever they need to while loading, including scrollers, load picture, load tune.


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