DC2N4-LC updates

First thing to mention is that five fully built DC2N4-LC devices are now listed for sale. As I am going to be abroad soon, I can only ship these units this coming Saturday, the 18th of June. If interested make sure to order before the day so that the payment and handling can be arranged in time.

The second thing to mention is that I’ve recently made an update to the DC2N4-LC firmware. Initially I was not planning to allow users to update their firmware mainly due to the fact that the MCU used in DC2N4-LC came flashed with different bootloaders, despite the fact I had bought both the development and production batches through the same channels: supporting two (or possibly more) update paths seemed overwhelming for a “low cost” line of devices, TBH.
Thankfully, the bootloader used by most DC2N4-LC devices in the field is the same and can be used in conjunction with the avrdude application (which runs on a number of OSes). For this reason I decided to support firmware updates for existing and future buyers of the current batch of DC2N4-LC, which includes the 5 units up for sale.

Existing users can also approach me for a firmware update: if the LED in your DC2N4-LC is red, then the update process is quite straightforward. The colour of the LED is easy to tell once the device is powered to a USB port as its light comes out through the window where the dumping edge is.

The third thing to mention is that the latest “dc2n4-dump” commandline client for DC2N4-LC, version 2.3, now also supports extraction of filenames while dumping (for CBM ROM Loader, Turbo Tape 250, and Turrican loader).
I sometimes get asked why I support filename extraction for the loader used in Turrican (and Turrican 2): simply put the tape version of Turrican is what I use for benchmark testing, so it’s simple for me to go through a comprehensive end-to-end testing having the support for extracting data from this loader 🙂

About Luigi Di Fraia

I am a Senior DevOps Engineer so I get to work with the latest technologies and open-source software. However, in my private time I enjoy retro-computing.
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