GTK+ memory leaks

For a while, I have been suggesting the use of the GTK+ 2.24.10 installer for Windows in order to run my GTK+ applications. As far as I am aware, but I will look into this further, such installer is the latest binary installer available for GTK+ 2.x under Windows provided through the channel I’ve been using (i.e. built by Alexander Shaduri). Unfortunately, version 2.24.10 of GTK+ suffers the bug as per this bug report. Due to such bug the memory usage of the DC2N4-LC GUI client can become problematic and might require a restart of the application after prolonged usage under Windows. Yet another reason not to use Windows. LOL.

I am also looking into the possibility of packaging and providing the installer for a later version of GTK+ 2.x libraries for Windows that would fix the issue as per bug linked above. So far I’ve seen a couple of community efforts that might prove useful and save me the effort:

Stay tuned!

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