GTK+ Windows builds

After having evaluated other solutions I decided to work at my own binary distribution of the GTK+ 2.x runtime for Windows (32 and 64 bits).

What I find extremely awkward is the use of MSYS/MSYS2 tied builds, which are easy to recognize as every time a GTK+ application is executed, a “launching” command window appears too. That’s a no go for me 🙂
IMHO MSYS/MSYS2 should only be used to create a *nix like environment where to leverage developer tools. Building GTK+ libraries and applications should not be done through the MSYS specific mingw package. I find that extremely ugly!

I tested an excellently packaged GTK+ 2.24.28 runtime, which suffers an even worse bug than 2.24.10: If you drag a Window/widget out of the screen and back in, the application crashes! I am going to push things through and attempt the build of 2.24.30. Hopefully I will also package it in a binary installer and SDK archive to be used by other people too. The process is painfully slow and might not give huge benefits (I think there are still bugs for GTK+ 2.x on Windows), but it’s definitely worth a try.

Stay tuned!

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