Low-cost USB C2N emulator under testing

“Please make a device that connects to a PC through USB in order to emulate a C2N”.

I’ve received a number of such requests over the last few months, therefore I decided to make one. I haven’t thought of a name yet, but that’s something I will tackle at a later time.

The device itself is very simple and provides a low cost interface to the USB bus and Commodore’s tape port. All signals are handled on both interfaces, including the motor on/off signal of the tape port, for maximum compatibility.
The core of the firmware takes from the playback code that’s part of my DC2N devices, where the PC client application that facilitates the data transfer is a new piece of software. At the moment only Windows binaries of the PC client exist and are under testing.

TAP (version 0, 1, and 2) files are supported natively, where PRG files will be converted on-the-fly by the PC client using my PRG2TAP code-base.

Stay tuned as I will post more info about the device itself soon 🙂

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