Last two DC2N4-LC devices available

We’re almost to the point DC2N4-LC is sold out so I thought to revise the paragraph I wrote about its use cases, based on the feedback I got from SLC.

Who is DC2N4-LC suitable for?

Well, it’s suitable for users across the whole spectrum. I’ve taken away most of what I could so that this is a minimal backup system that comes at a decent price, despite being built by hand. On one end of the spectrum, those who only have a few tapes to backup and are on a budget, would ideally go for a DC2N4-LC. On the other end of the spectrum, collectors with a vast amount of tapes to backup, would definitely go for a DC2N4-LC as it streamlines the process greatly, allowing users to name, organize, and test files at the instant they are produced: In this way there is no need to come back on a tape at a later time, thus saving a huge amount of time in presence of a vast collection.

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